most frequently asked questions


most frequently asked questions

Here are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

If your question or problem is not listed, please contact us so that we can help you as soon as possible and complete this question.

Our Headquarter is based in Ammersbek next to the boarder of Hamburg. More addresses you will find here.

Unfortunately not. We only do B2B.

We can’t name a delivery time for all products.We have a stock of 20.000 which are always available on stock. But also the delivery time of the items depends on the quantity, availability of the raw material and the capacity. A more detailed delivery time you can find in our webshop or you can get an information from our sales-team.
You can make your inquiry in our Onlineshop, directly to our sales team by mail or phone or our contact form.

You can pick up your goods at the day when you get the information that everything is packed. You will get the information from our sales-team.

We send our goods with different providers as well as optional express possibilities. Big amounts or bulky can also be send by a forwarder if this is agreed. If there is a huge need it is also possible to send the goods by a courier agend.

Please contact our sales-team by mail or phone about you request. Otherwise plese feel free to use our contact form.

Elastomers are shape retention but flexible plastics, whose glass transition point is below the temperature of use. The plastic can morph elastic by pressure or tensile stress but remoph into the undeformed state afterwards.

The glass transition point is the temperature where polymers or plastics get into a glassy or hard elastic, brittle condition out of their liquid or rubber elastic condition. This is also called softening temperature.

o-rings are made seamless out of different rubbers which are put into injection or pressing tools by vulcanization.

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